The second webinar of the Conscious Beauty series took place on 26th September and is available to rewatch on YouTube. Re-Imagining Business Models for Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development focused on the stories of the 3 social entrepreneurs on our panel. The conversation took place between:



Topics of discussion included: making conscious fashion and beauty a reality, the impact of the pandemic on current business models, using impact sourcing models, job creation and…

From the use of technology to lessen our fashion footprint, to the idea of a “demand and supply” chain, the first live event in Conscious Beauty 2020 delved deep into the fashion and beauty industries’ impact on the planet.

Beauty And The Beast

The topic of discussion was one that should be on the forefront of every fashion and beauty company in the industry. The impact of the fashion and beauty industries — two of the most polluting industries in the global economy — on the environment. A real life “Beauty and the Beast” scenario. …

And why it’s something we all need to do

How often do you wear your clothes? Possibly not as often as you did 20 years ago. The average consumer bought 60 percent more pieces of clothing in 2014 than they did in 2000, but they only wore them half as often. This isn’t just a problem for our overstuffed closets; it’s a problem for our entire planet.

The environmental cost of fast fashion

We all know that the fashion industry is enormously harmful to the environment. The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) considers the fashion industry to be the second most polluting industry in the world, responsible…

Can you imagine buying and wearing a piece of clothing at least 30 times?

If the answer is no, then altering your approach to purchasing clothes is more important than ever. We need to start thinking of our clothing as an investment to treasure, rather than something that is so easily disposable.

Allow us to introduce you to WearMe30Times; a ground-breaking, slow fashion initiative that will breathe life back into your wardrobe by encouraging you to get more wear out of your clothes. Why, you might ask? …

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Join Maakola Founder & CEO Aurora Chiste online with our special guest speakers; Walfredo della Gherardesca, Co-Founder & CEO of Genuineway, and Anna-Maja Björkenvall, CEO at Lxmi (moderated by Sana Khan, Founder of Golak), as we discuss unique and strategic approaches in innovating business models to be more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.

The Way We Do Business Needs To Change

If we are to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, then the way we do business needs to change. Significant strides towards the Development Goals can only happen if all companies, regardless of size, shift their way of thinking.

We need to fundamentally and…

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The first discussion to kickstart Conscious Beauty Experience 2020 is Conscious Beauty: A Matter For The SDG’s? It will take place online on 22nd September at 10 am EDT.

This session specifically focuses on the beauty and fashion industries and will look at how they are directly affecting the environment, and how they can develop a more sustainable future.

Maakola will be joined by leading voices in the industries to discuss the following questions:

  • How can we develop a common understanding of sustainability in fashion and beauty?
  • What are the parameters against which we should be measuring the sustainability of…

Beauty is a Choice, Not an Attribute.

Did you know it is estimated that it takes 3781 liters of water to make a single pair of jeans?

The fashion industry is estimated to be responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, more than international air travel or maritime transport. There has never been a more pressing time for change than right now.

Conscious Beauty 2020 is a month-long series of events exploring how to cultivate beauty across the entire value chain.

Featuring prominent voices in the industry, we will look at how brands can create products with environmental, social and cultural value, and how consumers can become a part of the process by making a conscious purchase. During the series of events we will celebrate and discuss the new economy that we see emerging: an economy that targets collective progress.

As consumers, we are conditioned…

As Co-founder of Maakola, I decided to design my own clothing to create something unique and special that I could share with strong women everywhere.

My work and lifestyle sees me jet setting around the world. Being a social entrepreneur I have had countless experiences in my work life of being “the new girl” in the room. From being the only woman, to being the only foreigner, to being the only one dressed a little differently.

Rather than shying away, I see these challenges in a positive light. I have learned the importance of making my voice heard and to…

At Maakola, we make and create our custom-made pieces with designs and fabric steeped in meaning. One of our favorite textiles to use are African prints, specifically Wax Hollandais.

Kofi Annan might not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to describing a fabric, but the mind of this great man is exactly what has inspired Maakola’s newest print; Kofi Annan’s Brains.

With a design that is equally strong as it is beautiful, this wax hollandais fabric, produced by Dutch fabric house Vlisco, is a stand-out for many reasons. The print is dazzling and powerful, and the man behind the name, even more so.

Who Was Kofi Annan?


Maakola is a made-to-order sustainable fashion brand, handmade in Ghana and Italy and aiming to empower women through stories and design.

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