Lessons Learned From Conscious Beauty: A Matter For The SDGs?

From the use of technology to lessen our fashion footprint, to the idea of a “demand and supply” chain, the first live event in Conscious Beauty 2020 delved deep into the fashion and beauty industries’ impact on the planet.

Beauty And The Beast

The topic of discussion was one that should be on the forefront of every fashion and beauty company in the industry. The impact of the fashion and beauty industries — two of the most polluting industries in the global economy — on the environment. A real life “Beauty and the Beast” scenario. The objective of the session was to understand if a sustainable future can be achieved.

A Fashionable Take On Sustainability

  • The impact of fast fashion

“The supply chains are too big.”

What about the consumer and corporation roles?

Lisa stated that corporations, like Big Oil, need to be held accountable for their impact, over consumers. She believes that legislation needs to be created and innovations need to be invested in to create paradigm shifts in the industries.

Has Covid-19 made an impact in the industries?

The current climate crisis and the global pandemic was also a topic of consideration. Panelists agreed that people on the whole are more aware of our planet and how much we depend on it.

Beauty That Is More Than Skin Deep

What Lessons Can We Take Away?

After such an engaging and enlightening discussion, the session ended with these final takeaways on the subject:

  • Always read the labels on products to check for certification and recycling
  • Corporations need to be held accountable
  • Local supply chains should be the way of the future
  • Innovative companies that are trying to change the industries need to better funded and supported
  • Consumers need to educate themselves on the oil companies and their role in the fashion industry
  • Brands need to be transparent
  • Sourcing Managers need to make the move to switch to sustainable materials
  • Switch to “demand” rather than “supply”
  • Fast fashion needs to change and we need to wear our clothes more instead of buying more
  • Beauty brands need to better understand the ingredients in their products and invest in more important and less trendy pieces

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