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Re-Imagining Business Models for Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development

Join Maakola Founder & CEO Aurora Chiste online with our special guest speakers; Walfredo della Gherardesca, Co-Founder & CEO of Genuineway, and Anna-Maja Björkenvall, CEO at Lxmi (moderated by Sana Khan, Founder of Golak), as we discuss unique and strategic approaches in innovating business models to be more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.

The Way We Do Business Needs To Change

We need to fundamentally and holistically transform our business models. This includes modern financing tools, such as blockchains, and business model decisions. Only through this new way of thinking will we be on our way to achieving the goals.

Working Towards Conscious Business

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Although this discussion will be an eye-opening conversation for all involved, aspiring and new entrepreneurs will find it particularly useful and interesting. The talk will focus on unique and strategic approaches in innovating business models to be more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.

The event will be introduced by the founders of up-and-coming start-ups. Panel members will be sharing what they have learned on their journey of commitment to conscious business.

The panel includes:

Speakers will be sharing case studies of how their commitment to making their business models more sustainable within their organizations has amplified their social impact.

What Are The Case Studies?

  • LXMI (pronounced “luxe-me”) is a skincare brand whose entire collection features a key ingredient: nilotica. The Pure Nilotica Melt is a balm-to-oil product that contains only one ingredient: unprocessed, cold-pressed nilotica nuts. You can use it anywhere you want to make skin look and feel more moisturized.
  • Maakola is a made-to-order sustainable and ethical fashion brand with a cosmopolitan DNA. Maakola believes that women can look beautiful while wearing values they believe in — with no compromise.
  • Genuine Way is a tech service provider specializing in the development and distribution of blockchain integrated solutions for manufacturers, consumer goods in the food, fashion, cosmetic, and pharma industries. Their mission is to promote conscious consumption all around the world through the use of technology.
  • Golak is a mobile application that has digitized the ancient practice of lending circles to improve economic outcomes for under-resourced and low-income communities.

Incorporating The SDG’s Into Business

Taking small but achievable steps to integrate the SDG’s in businesses old and new, big and small is essential for creating a more conscious way of working and consuming. Through this event, we hope that the audience will be inspired to transform the way they do business.

How To Attend

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Maakola is a made-to-order sustainable fashion brand, handmade in Ghana and Italy and aiming to empower women through stories and design.