Take-Aways from Reimagining Business Models for Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development

  • Scan a code
  • See who made the clothing
  • What the clothing is made from
  • What the story behind it is
  • Changing traditional business models to a more transparent, impact source model is the way of the future for big brands
  • Consumers are becoming more aware of sustainability and ethical brands
  • For people starting a social impact business venture, don’t cut corners
  • Transparency between brands and consumers is vital
  • Making the consumer conscious is paramount
  • Sourcing products or ingredients from low-income communities will help alleviate poverty in those communities
  • Where someone is born should not be a determining factor to the opportunities available to them
  • Enable marginalized communities to lift themselves out of poverty
  • Step away from the traditional foreign aid models
  • Look at the long term positive effects of your endeavor
  • Create products that look good/are good for you and do good in the world
  • Look at social issues in the society you care about and see how you can feed that into the core of your business in a long-term way
  • The pandemic has given us an opportunity to rebuild the way businesses work
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Maakola is a made-to-order sustainable fashion brand, handmade in Ghana and Italy and aiming to empower women through stories and design.